What to pick: Sugar or Jaggery? Is JAGGERY good for Health?


Jaggery, also popularly kown as Gur/Gud, is unprocessed sugar from raw, concerted sugarcane juice. Many Asians and Africans frequently consume jaggery in their diet. Jaggery is the closest substitute for white sugar and also excellent for health.



1. Prevents The Risk Of Anemia:

Jaggery is a rich source of iron, which is a ideal mineral for the formation of hemoglobin. Adding Gur to the baby’s food provides her a satisfactory amount of iron and prevents the risk of deficiency of iron or anemia. Add a small amount of jaggery to your baby’s food to help her meet the daily requirement of the mineral.

2. Cleanse The Liver:

The unprocessed sugar helps detoxify your baby’s body. Jaggery flushes out all dangerous toxins from your baby’s body, cleanses the liver, and detoxifies it. Add a tiny piece of jaggery to your baby’s food.

3. Strengthens Bones:

Jaggery is also a superior source of the minerals calcium and phosphorous, which are essential for healthy bones and tissues. Including the raw sugar in baby’s diet helps your baby have strong and healthy bones.

4. Boosts Immunity:

Jaggery is a rich source of antioxidants and minerals, such as selenium and zinc, which help prevent the risk of cell damage due to free-radical activity. So it helps babies combat infections and boosts their protection

1. Jaggery activates the a variety of digestive enzymes speeding up enzymes speeding up digestion than sugar.

2. Jaggery is used to treat problems such as dried up cough, cold and asthma than sugar.

3. Jaggery helps to relieve headaches.

4. A mixture of jaggery and dried up ginger powder taken with hot water can stop hiccups.

Jaggery is loaded with many necessary nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, that play a key role in many metabolic processes.