5 Health benefits of consuming Jaggery in winters


If you have ever lived in a place that experiences harsh winters, you’ll notice that the moment the season changes, there are some basic dietary changes that come up. We noticed everyone around us ending their meals with a piece of jaggery.


1. Eating jaggery in winters helps in generating heat in the body.
2. Minerals like zinc and selenium present in jaggery help build immunity and improve the body’s resistance to infections.
3. Jaggery or gur helps in dilating the respiratory tracts and provides relief from pain in the throat. It also keeps your lungs hot.
4. Winters are a time when you end up eating full of fat food and in high quantities.
5. Gur/Gud also helps in dilating the blood vessels that frequently are prone to get constricted during tremendous winters.

The antioxidants present in jaggery help in preventing joint pains and inflammations which are common during winters.