Top 5 Jaggery Benefits


Jaggery has warm potency (Taseer), so it is suitable to consume it in winters. It help in the ruling of body temperature and also detoxifies the body. Basically, Jaggery is 30-40% water, 05/100 mg phosphorus, 0.10/100 mg, protein and 14/100mg vitamin B 40-60% sucrose, 15-25% inverted honey, 0.30% calcium, 8.5-10 mg iron.


1. Generates heat inside the body: 

Throughout winters the blood vessel get slim owing to weather conditions and jaggery is helpful in dilate the blood vessels and improving blood flow. This seasonal delight contains minerals, antioxidants, metallic fundamentals like phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc and extra, which make its utilization even more healthful.

2. Boosts immunity within the body:

It is supportive in boosting confrontation alongside certain infections within the body. It naturally treats a cough and chilly too.It boosts the protection and guards the body against the hurtful pathogens.

3. Helps in preventing joint pain:

As people of elder age have to take additional care, it is advised to eat jaggery with milk or consume jaggery with the liquid of ginger, which helps in make strongering bones and tackle arthritis hurt.

4. Prevents respiratory problems:

Respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis etc can be cured if jaggery is consumed with sesame seed on a usual basis. As the respiratory tract is cleared, the regulation of the functioning of kidney and lungs takes place.

5. Boosts body metabolism and helps in weight loss:

Jaggery has a high content of potassium, which is dependable for the balance of electrolytes in the body. It is also responsible for body structure and boosting metabolism. Potassium directly helps in weight loss by reducing water preservation in the body.

Jaggery is slobbering sweetener is rich in minerals and vitamins and can be consumed by diabetic patients too. Although it has the same high in calories value as that of sugar, it is a healthier substitute for the white refined sugar. It is used in preparing a variety of Indian cuisines and provides them with a different flavour.