Medical Support


During the construction and operation phases and to avoid any critical health problems that may occur, major or minor accidents etc. at the project site, we have taken preventive care and are well equiped to handle any medical urgency.

For the health benefits of workers and farmers:
• There shall be regular medical checkup of the workers and farmers
• LFT (Lung function test) will be conducted annually for all operating persons.
• Adequate safety precautions shall be exercised strictly for observing safety norms
• Protective equipments shall be stocked and made available to the workers as below:
• All the workers will be provided with helmets, goggles and safety equipments, welder equipments for eye and face protection, ear plug, ear muffs, dust masks, boiler suit, safety belt, hand gloves, and safety shoes along with safety instructions in the form of manual and first-aid facilities will be made available.