Benefits of Jaggery for Weight Loss


Jaggery is very help full in Weight Loss. Losing a weight takes really a long way.  High Weight is a big problem now a days. Whatever you eat adds to more calories in your body. So loosing a weight has become very important. Even if you go down only 10 percent of your whole weight, you will bring upon yourself a host of health benefits.



1. Healthy Heart:

Being heavy can put your heart under a lot of pressure as it has to work harder and pump more blood making it prone to various problems. When you lose weight not only you do your heart a favour but also help decreasing high blood pressure which is a starting point in various heart ailments.

2. Increased Levels of Good Cholesterol:

Knocking off some extra kilos and maintaining a regular exercise regimen will help boost good cholesterol or HDL. Boosting good cholesterol means banishing the bad one- LDL, which in turn means your reducing your chances of heart related problems.

3. Reduced Risk of Diabetes:

Losing even a little weight will help your body regulate blood glucose levels and reduce any risk of developing diabetes.

4. Reduced Risk of Cancer:

Losing weight will also help you reduce risk of developing cancer. heavy men are found to have prostate cancer while overweight women tend to suffer from ovarian and cervical cancer.

5. Better Reproductive Health:

Both heavy men and women tend to have fertility related issues. Weight loss is an answer to all these problems, women on family way need to have an ideal weight to have a safe and complication-free pregnancy.

If you are heavy then your chances of increasing a variety of health conditions increase considerably.